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Lateness And The Effects In Your Company
04-28-2016, 02:59 PM,
Big Grin  Lateness And The Effects In Your Company
How annoying can it be when you're sat around expecting someone who is late!
Particularly if you're type of person that likes to arrive 30 minutes early.
When the person you're meeting is 30 minutes late, you'll have been waiting Sixty minutes... and I guess your mood won't be the best!
Timekeeping tells you a lot about a person.
Everyone judges people on their ability to meet agreed time commitments... To get supplementary information, please check-out: sponsor. Be taught further on the affiliated portfolio by visiting career development. especially so in organization.

Bad time keeping bothers people.
The lengthier the time drags on from the agreed meeting time, the more frustrated people become.
As you sit around waiting, thoughts turn from interest and excitement, to frustration and anger.

There are a lot of things, that our bad timekeeping is telling others.
First its disrespectful.
Whenever you agree to meet with someone at a given time but don't make it, you are not being respectful of their time and their commitment to be on time.
You are showing your value of the other person and what they can bring.
If you are late, you are telling the other person they're not very important and disrespecting their time and efforts.
Bad time keeping is additionally unprofitable.
You're meeting someone as you feel they could add value to you in some way, shape or form, however your lateness is eradicating this value.
Show me someone who is late, and I will provide you with somebody that is disorganised!
Would trust someone with something important that is disorganised?
This is exactly what being late leads others to believe,­ you can't organise your time and yourself.
How can you organise yourself to add value to me.
Lateness shows you as a person with little Substance... talking a good game when we were setting the meeting, but you're showing a different side to you now your late.
You're giving the perception of being solid on the surface, but inside there is nothing of value.
Lateness shows you cannot be trusted.
Arriving promptly isn't something you can do, therefore you aren't keeping your word.
Finally when you're late, you are showing that you're Inconsiderate.
Lateness shouts 'I'm not interested in you' How could you when you can't arrive at a time we agreed.

You may be saying that sometimes we can't help but be late, and that is a reasonable point.
Sometimes no matter what we do, there'll be times when things transpire against us and we're going to be late¡­
So what do we do?
First we must give the other person as much notice as possible to lessen the negative impact.
As soon as you know you're likely to be late, make contact with the other person.
Provide a clear and honest explanation, plus a new realistic timescale.
And stay sincere whenever you apologise,­ show the other person you recognize how valuable their time is.

As always, planning is the true secret to success in any section of personal and business life.
As you make a commitment to meet, look at your diary to be sure you have adequate time.
Consider how long it will take you to get to the meeting,­ how you will get to the meeting,­ and everything you will need (no forgetting anything and having to pop back to your office/home).
All meetings should be Confirmed by email, detailing the meeting place, address, time, and so on.
This means that you are repeating and reinforcing the details to not just the other person, but also yourself!
More thought and time spent planning, equals more possibility of marking appointments on time!

With regards to the question of 'What is on time', I have a simple method.
15 minutes early is on time, on time is late, and late is unacceptable.
Simple as that!

Ultimately, insufficient planning leads to lateness.
Planning and preparing thorough for meeting, means you allocate a greater importance in your subconscious mind.
And you won't be late!.

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